Recruitment in France For Romanian Workers

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The process of recruitment in France for Romanian workers was streamlined and transparent. However, there was the risk of nepotism and the corrupting influence of political elites. The recruitment agency was not independent, and it did not make any guarantees about the quality of Romanian employees. Moreover, the recruiting process had no legal basis, which made the recruitment agency in charge of the selection process liable to use its influence for the benefit of the company and the applicant. I interim

How to Find a Recruitment Agency in France For Romanian Workers

While the process of recruitment is becoming more difficult, the recruitment process remains critical and essential. The National Employment Agency (NAEA), one of the leading recruitment agencies in France, is a great example of this. It supplies workers to the Eastern European market and has made considerable progress in controlling its structural action expenditure. It has also developed methodological norms for external control procedures, namely those related to the certification of the SAPARD Agency accounts.

The current labour migration regime in France does not provide legal certainty for recruitment agencies. This is a serious problem that will become even more critical in the future. For these reasons, the government has introduced quotas to regulate the number of migrant workers working in certain sectors. In Romania, there was no law against temporary employees until 1998, but the A2 regime is unable to ensure the legality of recruitment agencies.

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