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piercing supply

There are many items you will need for a piercing studio. For instance, hollow needles are essential. They come in various gauge sizes and should be stored in sterile containers. These are also inexpensive and should be kept on hand for emergencies. Another item that your studio should have is receiving tubes. These guide the needle into the correct direction and prevent it from stabbing inside a nostril. A receiving tube is a necessity if you plan on performing a piercing supply.

What You Need For a Piercing Studio

Apart from instruments, you’ll also need an autoclave. This piece of equipment is essential for each and every piercing and should be sterile. Moreover, it should have spill kits and instruction manuals for your clients. It should include diagrams, photos, numbered instructions, and an easy-to-follow layout. You should also consider buying a sterilization pouch that comes with a temperature gauge.

In addition to needles, you’ll also need a list of piercing designs. When creating a price sheet, keep in mind that piercing prices can vary from one studio to another. Moreover, you’ll want to create a list of the piercings you plan to offer to your clients. Once you’re certified and you’ve acquired all the supplies you need, you can spend your money wisely. In addition, you’ll be able to invest in better equipment and jewelry for your studio.

Another thing you’ll need is an alcohol sterilizer. This chemical is effective for cleaning equipment and furniture but shouldn’t be used once you’ve completed a piercing. Alcohol can also be used to sterilize instruments. But be sure to wash your hands afterward, as alcohol will affect the healing process and cause infections. Once you’ve mastered the art of piercing, you’ll want to use the right piercing supplies.

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